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Revuele S.O.S. Complex For Brittle And Broken Nails

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No more broken nails!

Professional product with intensive action to strengthen nails with Vitamin complex and Calcium. SOS complex is ideal solution for weak, damaged and splitting nails.Innovative formula deeply nourishes and moisturizes nails, prevents splitting, appearance of micro cracks and damages. Vitamins E and B5 deeply regenerate and restore. Collagen improves the elasticity and density of the nail plate. The advanced formula gives nails extra strength, prevents dehydration and layer by layer increases their thickness. Calcium makes nails smooth, strengthens the edge of the nail plate, protecting it from splitting and breaking. During the 12 days course nails become stronger, ore flexible and more beautiful.The advanced formula can be used as a manicure base, which will prevent the penetration of the lacquer in the nail plate and the negative impact of colour pigments.

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