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Antiseptic Hand Sanitising Foam



PROTECT is a water based, alcohol free and simultaneously sanitises and moisturises the skin.

PROTECT exhibits the following key qualities when in use:

  • Non‐corrosive
  • Non‐irritant
  • Non toxic
  • Non flammable
  • Food safe
  • Cost effective (£0.38 per refill)
  • Excellent levels of user acceptance and prolonged antimicrobial effect for up to 4 hours per application

What is PROTECT?

PROTECT is a skin antiseptic which offers a safe, effective and user friendly skin cleansing disinfection and sanitation. It can be utilised across a wide range of industries from healthcare to educational establishments, to food processing to veterinary science. 

What has it been designed for?

PROTECT has been developed as a skin sanitiser used for situations where skin and hand hygiene are of paramount importance.

PROTECT will interrupt the key transmission pathways of the hands, by reducing the microbes present on the skin to its lowest possible level. This reduces the risk of cross infection and contamination.

How does PROTECT effect microbes?

PROTECT is a powerful lytic agent which is based on the quaternary ammonium compounds benzalkonium chloride and dodecyl dimethyl ammonium chloride. These have multiple affects and points of action within the microbe which include:

  • Denaturation of essential microbial proteins
  • Physical disruption of membrane lipids
  • Bacteria cell walls

Proteins and lipids are essential components of bacteria, viruses, fungi and bacterial spores. Significant damage to these key microbial components is often fatal for the organism.

PROTECT causes rapid and significant changes at multiple sites within the microbe.

The magnitude of these affect is so great that it is typically lethal to the microbe within minutes of contact

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